We are Crown Town.

We are an inclusive family that utilizes the world's most popular game, soccer, to positively promote diversity, community service, and socialization to unify the Carolinas through the support of Charlotte FC. 

For the Crown. By the Sword.

  • Community Involvement

    Crown Town Syndicate is dedicated to giving back to the communities of the Carolinas. The best way for us to get to know our citizens is to volunteer our time in various spaces. Utilizing our passion for soccer to come together allows us to progress the interests of our population for the greater good. 

  • Social Events

    We gather on a monthly basis to bring our diverse group of members together.  By promoting inclusiveness we are able to learn more about each other while having a good time!

  • Learn the Game of Soccer

    Our family is open to all levels of soccer fans! From gurus to first timers. If you are interested in the world's most popular sport, our group is here to welcome you and teach you the fundamentals of the game.